What is Bonarta?

Bonarta provides investment banking and management consulting services for investors & enterprises — advising investors & entrepreneurs and bridging them.

Are you an investor looking for companies to invest in?

We connect & advise investors to entrepreneurs from Indonesia and Singapore. There are many great entrepreneurs who are good at building a company and contact us to refer them to you.

Most of our companies are already revenue-generating, and some of them are already profitable. However they all have the same thing, they are all backed by passionate entrepreneurs who like and excel at what they do.

We help a diverse range of the enterprise’s funding stages (usually from Series Seed to Series B), from a diverse range of sectors:

More details on the breakdown of companies that we’re helping can be seen in the link.

What we do for investors:

  • we screen and propose suitable start-ups according to the appetite & risk
  • we advise the valuation and deal structure
  • we advise compensation package for the employees

Are you an entrepreneur looking for investors?

As an entrepreneur, your main task should be to create the best product or service that customers love. However, sometimes you need more capital to expand and banks cannot help you because perhaps you don’t have the tangible collateral that banks need.

We are here to help you. Our investors range from individuals to institutional investors who do not require any collateral but only equity participation in order to invest in your company.

This means you can concentrate on developing your company without the burden of paying your debt installment. Let us help you do this!

We have been helping many entrepreneurs from various sectors and getting investors. Here’s a list of sectors that we have networked with:

We have a network of investors from many regions such as Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific, Europe, and the Americas that we can refer to you.

In addition, we can advise you to navigate through your fundraising journey in doing:

  • business model / plan, projection,
  • valuation, deal structure, fundraising strategy,
  • executive’s compensation package

In addition, we can also help you with your M&A advisory and referral, i.e. when:

  • the shareholders want a cash-out, or
  • you want to acquire a start-up.

Here’s a breakdown of investor types that we could refer you to.

We are here for the long term with you, i.e., we accompany you through your progression of funding rounds.

Who is Bonarta?

Our team has extensive experience in:

  • Series: Seed, A, B, bridge and pre- rounds.
  • Sectors: tech, tech-enabled, social impact.
  • Industries: B2C, B2B, e-commerce, marketplace, fintech …
  • Start-up locations: Indonesia and Singapore.
  • Investor origin: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, SEA, Japan, China, USA, …
  • Investor types: angel, institutional, venture capital, strategic, family office, HNWI.
  • Security types: equity, bond, convertible bond, stock option.
  • Legal review: term sheet, agreements: shareholder, share purchase & subscription.
  • Stakeholder: founder, C-level, general & limited partner, analyst.
  • Prior team experience: founders, CFO, COO, investment directors, venture capital executives


Are you an investor looking for start-ups?

Are you an enterprise or investor looking to fundraise?

We are a one-stop solution for enterprises and investors for their fundraising, M&A and all their investment banking activities.

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