What is Bonarta?

Bonarta provides investment banking and management consulting services for investors & enterprises — advising investors & entrepreneurs and bridging them.

We connect & advise investors and entrepreneurs. We bring investors from all over Asia and USA to enterprises in Indonesia and Singapore.

What does Bonarta do?

Enterprise fundraising advisory & investment banking services

The start-up company needs money for expansion / debt reduction. Bonarta could:

  • For the enterprise: we advise and generate ideas for
    • business model / plan, projection,
    • valuation, deal structure, fundraising strategy,
    • executive’s compensation package
    • we refer to suitable investors
  • For the investor:
    • we screen and propose suitable start-ups according to the appetite & risk,
    • we advise the valuation and deal structure.

Mergers & Acquisitions advisory & referral

Cases for this:

  • The shareholders want a cash-out, or
  • A company wants to acquire a start-up.

What we do:

  • For the start-up’s existing shareholders:
    • similar to the fundraising case, we advise the business plan, valuation, …
    • we refer the company to buyers based on the financial statements, shareholder’s financial needs, business plan & valuation.
  • For the buyers, we:
    • screen and refer suitable start-ups,
    • advise their valuation and synergies,
    • advise compensation package for the remaining employees.

Combination of fundraising & M&A

Cases for this:

  • Some shareholders want a cash-out,
  • yet at the same time the company needs investment.

Depending on the situation, Bonarta will do the advisory work, fundraising and M&A deals consequentially or simultaneously.

Who is Bonarta?

Our team has extensive experience in:

  • Series: Seed, A, B, bridge and pre- rounds.
  • Sectors: tech, tech-enabled, social impact.
  • Industries: B2C, B2B, e-commerce, marketplace, fintech …
  • Start-up location: Indonesia and Singapore.
  • Investor origin: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, SEA, Japan, China, USA, …
  • Investor types: angel, institutional, venture capital, strategic, family office, HNWI.
  • Security types: equity, bond, convertible bond, stock option.
  • Legal review: term sheet, agreements: shareholder, share purchase & subscription.
  • Stakeholder: founder, C-level, general & limited partner, analyst.
  • Prior experience: founder, CFO, COO.


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