2022 Diverse Investor Network

After several years in business, we are happily surprised that we have connected with so many investors from various sectors, institutional types, stages and geographical location showing our diverse investor network.

In total, we are actively connected with more than 600 investors with more than 1000 PICs.

The make up of our investors is very diverse too. Evidently since we focus on technology / tech-enabled companies, VCs make up for most of our investor base among others such as corporate venture and strategic partners:

We have also been active in promoting our companies to many investors in the world from Southeast Asia to America as seen in this pie chart:

We also connect to a broad base of investors that invest in a multitude of sectors from blockchain to sharia:

Investor's sector of interest: energy, sharia, fintech, edutech, agriculture, F&B, FMCG, consumer, logistics, mobility, proptech, entertainment, AI, e-commerce, healthtech, blockchain, energy
Sectors of interest

and they are investing in diverse stages from seed round to Series D and beyond:

This shows we have a diverse investor network, from the sector, investment round, geographical location and type.

We are also broadening our investor base and therefore in the future, the make up may change in the future.

This allows us to match investors with our diverse pool of entrepreneurs.

We look forward to helping investors to invest in relevant companies. Click here to understand how we can help you.